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GRAZIELLA HOLDING controls and directs six main operating companies:

Braccialini Spa
Graziella Group acquired the historic Florentine company Braccialini in April 2017, opening up new perspectives for Made in Italy in Italy and throughout the world.  Visit the website
Graziella Group Spa
It was born in the world of gems in gold and
has now arrived in the world of Luxury through
the extension of its range to leather goods
and accessories.  Visit the website
Graziella Green Power Spa
It operates in the production of zero impact
clean energy from renewable sources.
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Graziella Food & Relais
It offers high-level hospitality and a chain
of ice cream parlours.
Graziella Real Estate
It builds and manages quality properties.
Graziella Smart Technology
Applies the most innovative technological
solutions to civil and commercial architecture
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What is common to these activities is the high level of quality for every achievement because, according to the philosophy of Graziella, everything that is offered to the market covered by this brand should be a gem of its kind.

JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES Graziella Group Spa owns the trademark "GRAZIELLA," an Italian fashion company founded in 1958. Established as an initiative of Graziella Buoncompagni, the current Honorary Chairman, who at a very young age began to create jewellery, in a small workshop

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Braccialini Spa Graziella Group announced its acquisition of the historic Florentine company Braccialini in April 2017. The union of these two companies, which both boast a high level of international experience and have inherited the values of Tuscan artisan traditions, has created a new entrepreneurial jewel that will open up new perspectives for Made in Italy in Italy and throughout the world.
Braccialini thus joined the group of companies owned by Graziella Holding, contributing to the growth of the group's potential.

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SUSTAINABLE ENERGY Graziella Green Power Spa is the company through which Graziella Holding operates in the sector of electricity generation from renewable sources. Today, with over 30 business sites, among the biggest producers of electrical energy from solar panels,

Graziella Green Power Spa it is also engaged in the development of systems in the geothermal energy, bio energy and wind power sector with the aim of strengthening its leadership in the coming years in the production of energy from renewable sources.

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SUSTAINABLE BUILDING Graziella Real Estate is the company that operates in the Group's property sector, holding all properties for the various production activities of Graziella Holding.
The primary activity is identified in the purchase and renovation of historic buildings of artistic and architectural importance. Recently, worth mention, is the renovation of an ancient Relais located in the historical centre of the city of Arezzo, today

Graziella Food & Relais is the company that operates in the "Food and Accommodation management" sector through specific knowledge and skills, with particular attention to quality and the needs of customers who pay attention to detail. Its strength

"Graziella Patio Hotel" is, without a doubt, a jewel in the crown of the Accommodation sector: a "Hotel de Charme" dating back to the 15th century, carefully renovated, just a few steps from the Church of Saint Francis in Arezzo. It offers a sophisticated variety of rooms and suites inspired by different styles and cultures: a clear example of elite all-Italian with a touch of sparkling internationality.

Lighting & automation Graziella Smart Technology applies the most innovative technological solutions to civil and commercial architecture, enlivens each location with games of light and technologies that give quality and importance to each architectural project
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